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About Us, Member of WR Group, are offering various corporate services since 1994. Our reputation, developed over years of practice in Hong Kong, and our continued growth over years, are a testimony to the success. We are offering incorporation services for Belize IBC. You may review more information for "Why Belize". In addition, we offer various corporate and financial services include:-

  • Offshore Incorporations in Belize
  • Offshore Incorporations in other jurisdictions
  • Tax Planning
  • Search Services
  • Accounting
  • Mail Redirection
  • Fax- & Voice-to-email
  • Nominee Services
  • Other Incorporations
  • Consultancy and so on...
Our office is located in Hong Kong where characteristics of sound communications, advanced technology, standard profession, well-known financial centres, no exchange control, little government intervention and gateway to China are included. Clients are confident with their future development or with future group strategies that different jurisdictions may be created in one place with confidentiality. Besides, clients are guaranteed with our professional services because we are FCCA, AHKSA(HKICPA), ATIHK, CIM, Chartered Marketer staff.

Whatever the size of the client, our aim is always to back our professional view in a practical and commercial sense.  We also like to keep in constant touch with our clients' financial affairs and to work closely with their profesional advisers.

You may find our wide range of services in corporate and business services being appropriate to your different business needs. We care our clients and hence, we stand their place to consider what is needed and what services and costs being appropriate. If you find any queries or other needed services not stated in herein, we welcome you to contribute your valuable comments to us and your continuous feedback is our milestones to success and improvement.
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