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Offshore Bank Accounts & Hong Kong Banking Services

Why to establish a corporate bank account in Hong Kong for your offshore company? You may consider following factors where the country or region may satisfy you that:-

  • It's political stable
  • It's well-known financial centre
  • It's direct member of CHATS
  • It's well-regulated and laws are satisfactory and clear
  • It's having major currencies offered
  • It's sound in banking system
  • It's NO exchange control
  • It's with high and advanced technology in the services provision
  • It's maintaining 24-hour assistance or hotline services
  • It's having the opportunity to remote control the account over the world wherever internet connection is available

Internet Banking Services of the corporate bank account includes:-

  • 24-hour access to account details
  • 24-hour customer service hotline
  • Simultaneous access to financial information of up to three companies
  • View the latest account balances, transaction history and credit facility positions
  • Make incoming funds enquires and receive e-mail notification
  • Make transactions and payments online
  • Make domestic and overseas payments
  • Pay utility bills and credit payroll accounts
  • Perform forward-dated transactions
  • Prepare and submit your remittance statement at any time and at your convenience
  • Manage your time deposits conveniently
  • Place time deposits and update maturity instructions
  • Delegate daily banking tasks to your trusted staff
  • Choose single or dual authorization control
  • View all users' transaction details via the activity log and maintain full control

What we can help is to assist you to open a corporate bank account without the establishment of an office of the company in Hong Kong. You will get above advantages, save costs and manage your bank account via internet over the world.

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