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Why Belize

Studious of the offshore company market, as anyone in this business, should be CONFIDENTIAL COMPANIES. Yes, you read correctly; not offshore company formation or IBC's. It states that a "confidential company allows you to hide the fact that you are the real owner of the company. Allows you to buy everything everywhere without proving the source of the money. Allows you to buy real estate/other assets/business without paying a penny to any authorities (for instance, possibility to sell the company without informing any country's authorities by just giving the company's documents to the buyer". It further says that the confidential company is "cheep to register and cheep to maintain". [source from "The IBC Review 1"]

International Business Companies ("IBCs") are essential to commercial life; a business person that never used an IBC hass probably not received quality professional advice. It is also important for thousands continuing to use IBCs to make sure that some things don't change. There are de rigour elements to determine the usefulness of the IBC and worthiness of its origin: Political stability in the jurisdiction; good communications; availability of professional and technical support; reputable track record of the jurisdiction; and compliance with international standards. These qualities are shared with other jurisdictions, especially the Belize IBC, in relation to FLEXIBILITY and QUALITY IFS PROVIDERS. [source from "The IBC Review 1"]

Jurisdictions, such as Belize, offer the possibility to form offshore companies with either registered, bearer shares, or both. Most jurisdictions have abolished this possibility and others, might as well have. Knowledgeable IFS providers know best when a company should keep bearer shares and when it is most appropriate to register them, or to use nominee shareholder. The Belize IBC grants IFS providers this flexibility and Statutory Instrument 94, Code of Conduct of IFS Practitioners, ensures proper procedure is followed.

When introducing a jurisdiction, one of the major concerns is the availability of sound professional resources. Many jurisdictions cannot offer basic services such as professional audits etc.. Belize boasts quality professionals, a reputable banking system, major accounting firms and tranined corporate services staff. After all, Statutory Instument 94, the Belize Code of Conduct, states that IFS Practitioners must have sound, legitimate, and proven experience in carrying on the offshore business.

Belize IBC is having following characteristics, which are haing advantages over other jurisdictions:-
  • No disclosure of beneficial owners
  • No tax on offshore profits
  • Company name registered with Chinese allowed
  • Minimum number of director being ONE
  • Minimum number of shareholder being ONE
  • No requirement to file Annual Return
  • No requirement of annual audit
  • Bearer shares allowed
  • May incorporate with Chinese company name

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